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Imagine a pile of mattresses and bases that reach the edge of space…

It is estimated nearly 300,000 mattresses and bases are sent to landfill every year in New Zealand. If these were stacked one on top of the other, they would reach the edge of space. What a waste.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Rebound Mattress Recycling

The Project

Find out how and why this all got started…
The NZ Mattress Project

The Solution

What exactly is Rebound and how will it work?
Rebound Mattress Recycling

The Industry

Do you want to participate in the
programme as a retailer, importer,
collector or recycler?
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How and Why

Why recycle mattresses?

Recycling saves precious resources from being wasted and can create jobs.

On the other hand, dumping mattresses is a waste of resources and they cause problems for landfill operators.

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What mattresses
will be accepted?

Once the programme is up and running, most mattress types will be accepted.

We won’t be accepting heavily soiled, twisted or wet mattresses.

Acceptance criteria

Will there be a cost to recycle?

There will be no charge at the drop off point.

The programme will be funded by manufacturers, importers and retailers of mattresses.

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Interested in mattress materials?

Around 90% of the mattresses and bases are recyclable.

Recyclable materials include timber, metal, coir fibre, foam and plastic.

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