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Do you manufacture, import or sell mattresses and bases in New Zealand?

Join us and become a Rebound programme partner

Why become a partner?

Sustainability matters, whatever the industry.

According to the Colmar Brunton’s “Better Future, Better Business 2014” report, “consumers care and they are looking for brands and organisations that do too”.

What’s involved?

Partners will help fund the programme and will have an important role in promoting the programme to customers.

You can also be nominated to be part of the Advisory Group which will provide advice and guidance to programme managers, 3R Group, to ensure the programme is delivered against the agreed aims.

The benefits aren’t just environmental

  • Improve your brand reputation
  • Increase your product sustainability
  • Improve your corporate social responsibility
  • Increase your media opportunities
  • Support ‘clean green New Zealand’
  • Help provide work for local communities

How is the programme funded?

The programme has a shared funding model with monies coming from fees paid by programme partners, user pays direct collections, and support from the Waste Minimisation Fund and local governments (implementation phase only).

Programme partners pay quarterly Rebound membership fees based on the quantities of mattresses and/or bases that your organisation has imported, manufactured or sold to a customer in the preceding quarter.

The proposed membership fee is $5 per unit per partner; a total of $10 per unit.  (A unit is a mattress or base.)  The fee will be confirmed by 1 August 2017.

The financial modeling will be refined once we have confirmed commitment from partners. This will determine the final fee per unit. The more Rebound partners we have, the less it will cost each partner.

It is up to each programme partner whether they choose to pass on the Rebound programme fee to their customers as part of the product price.

All participating retailers are free to independently set the retail price of the products they sell. Under the Commerce Act, Rebound and its programme partners must not agree on the price of goods or services on which they compete.

An online portal will allow partners to declare their quarterly volumes and raise an invoice for payment of membership fees.

The overall low cost of fees, compared to overseas mattress recycling programmes, is due to the contributions from direct collections.

If you import and sell direct to the public, you will pay both Importer and Retailer fees.


How can I register my interest?

Simply email Sarah Clare at 3R Group or call 0508 374 768.

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