The Rebound Solution

Rebound will be a voluntary product stewardship programme designed to provide a simple and accessible solution enabling consumers to responsibly dispose of unwanted mattresses and bases.

Collected mattresses and bases will be dismantled by local community recyclers or social enterprises, creating employment. The various material streams including foam, metal, wood will be repurposed or recycled, reducing the need for virgin materials to be extracted.

Funding will be provided by the industry, local and central government, and consumers.

What are we trying to achieve?

Primary Aims

  • Maximise the number of mattresses diverted from landfill; and
  • Maximise the recovery, recycling and reuse of mattress components (metal, foam, wood) in New Zealand.

Secondary Aims

  • Minimise illegal dumping of mattresses;
  • Provide a simple and easy to access solution for consumers; and
  • Provide a work stream for social enterprise and community recyclers.

Key Features


  • A voluntary stewardship scheme for all brands, size and types of mattress and base units
  • Funding provided by membership fees paid by manufacturers, importers and retailers who manufacture and sell mattresses, plus funds from direct collection from home or business
  • Rebound will cover the cost of transporting and recycling mattresses collected via fixed collection sites


The aim is for consumers and businesses to be able to:

  • drop off unwanted mattresses at registered collection sites at transfer stations or resource recovery centres, free of charge;
  • purchase direct collection for any quantity of mattresses; or
  • arrange to deliver bulk quantities direct to a registered recycler.


  • Transporters and processors will be engaged in each region to deliver mattress transport and processing services on behalf of the programme
  • Processors are likely to be community based recyclers or social enterprises providing employment for the local community
  • Steel, foam, plastic and wood can currently be recycled or repurposed
  • New end uses will be developed for other materials (felt and fabric)

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