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Rebound mattress recycling pilot comes to Timaru standard

Timaru residents have become the first in the country to be able to recycle their unwanted mattresses after collection sites for the Rebound programme opened in the region today (27 July). The programme, designed by resource recovery experts 3R Group, sees mattresses collected, dismantled and the components recycled, with the aim of tackling the literal mountain of some 300,000 mattresses which go to landfill each year in New Zealand. Residents will be able to take their mattresses to the Temuka, Pleasant Point and Geraldine transfer stations or the Redruth Resource Recovery Park in Timaru, where they will be set aside for recycling. Timaru District Council Waste Minimisation Manager Ruth Clarke says that during the pilot period the cost will remain ...

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Mattresses ready to Rebound standard

The Rebound mattress recycling scheme was featured in Revolve magazine recently. Mattresses account for around 8,100 tonnes of landfill waste, even though up to 90 per cent of mattress materials can be recycled. However, there is a growing will to do something about the problem. “With everyone being more and more conscious of our environment, we think our customers will embrace this programme.” – Big Save Furniture director Lily Salter Read the full article

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Penny Hulse on mattress recycling standard

Auckland Councillor, chair of the environment and community committee Penny Hulse speaks about the Rebound mattress recycling programme and how big of a problem the issue of unwanted mattress is in New Zealand. “3R have actually worked with mattress manufacturers and bed companies and they are working really well on this. Because ideally you might have a small amount of money that gets charged when you buy a new mattress and that will fund the recycling of it when you are done. We are trying to close the whole loop.” Listen to the interview

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Houston “We have a problem” image

Good news!  Our recycling trial with Big Save Furniture has been extended until end of June 2017! Media release You might hear these famous words, first used by the crew of the Apollo 13, a little more often during May. That’s because Big Save Furniture and Rebound Mattress Recycling, the brain child of recycling specialist 3R Group, are on a mission to recycle some of the 300,000 mattresses that end up in landfill each year in New Zealand. If stacked one on top of another, the estimated 300,000 mattresses and bases would reach the edge of space; a statistic that shows we do indeed have a problem. “The idea that the pile of mattresses we discard each year could reach the ...

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Saving resources, creating jobs image

Another mattress recycling business achieving success from what would otherwise be waste, this time in Vancouver, Canada. “Every time we as a society ban a material from landfills, not only are we saving the resources and reusing them, but we’re also creating many jobs,” says Fabio Scaldaferri, CEO and cofounder of Mattress Recycling, Vancouver. Mattresses are large, heavy and full of reusable material. Before Scaldaferri’s business began operations, many were ending up in Vancouver’s landfills, where they can damage landfill equipment. Others wound up dumped in alleys, side streets or wooded areas. Where others saw old furniture, Scaldaferri saw opportunity. “I had never thought of it before,” said Scaldaferri, “and there seemed to be a lot of possibilities in recycling ...

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It can be done! standard

It is inspiring to read the recently released Annual Report for the Bye Bye Mattress recycling programme in Connecticut, USA. In just their first year, they achieved a recycling rate of approximately 66%! While it is mandatory for manufacturers to contribute to this product stewardship programme, compared to the proposed voluntary scheme in New Zealand, it is fantastic to see it working effectively.  And, that when the option for recycling is available, people will use it. This reinforces what we already know from our experiences managing Agrecovery Rural Recycling, Resene PaintWise, Dulux Paint and Packaging Take Back, and SeatSmart Child Car Seat Recycling.  You can lead a horse to water, and you can get it to drink! Here are some other ...

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Fresh bounce for old mattresses standard

When someone says they’re putting out the recycling, you normally picture drink bottles and old newspapers. All these items fit easily into a recycling bin and are dispatched without a second thought. “Job done”, you might think, “I’ve done my bit to save the world”. However these everyday items only represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we could (and should) be recycling rather than sending to landfill. 3R Group, project managers for Rebound, tend to focus on the bulk of the iceberg, the largest part, mostly unseen – these are the complex or hazardous items that don’t have existing solutions and represent the greatest threat or a wasted resource. And right now their attention is on ...

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