Good news!  Our recycling trial with Big Save Furniture has been extended until end of June 2017!

Media release

You might hear these famous words, first used by the crew of the Apollo 13, a little more often during May. That’s because Big Save Furniture and Rebound Mattress Recycling, the brain child of recycling specialist 3R Group, are on a mission to recycle some of the 300,000 mattresses that end up in landfill each year in New Zealand.

If stacked one on top of another, the estimated 300,000 mattresses and bases would reach the edge of space; a statistic that shows we do indeed have a problem.

“The idea that the pile of mattresses we discard each year could reach the edge of space really helps people to understand the magnitude of the issue,” says Sarah Clare, programme development manager at 3R Group.

“Not only is this a huge waste of useful materials such as metal, timber and foam that are all recyclable, but mattresses also cause significant headaches for landfill operators by continually resurfacing, getting tangled in machinery and preventing gas pipework being laid.”

Rebound Mattress Recycling

Trials show that Rebound can recycle around 70% of mattress materials, increasing to 90% over time.

The idea is simple: purchase a mattress or mattress and base from Big Save Napier or Hastings during May and they will pick up your old mattress and base for free. 3R Group will then have them dismantled and will recycle or repurpose the materials.

“Our trials show that we can currently recycle around 70% of the materials, but international programmes have shown that in time this will increase to 90%. That means we could potentially save around 2 million kg of metal and 3 million kg of foam, timber and coir from landfill each year!”

This month of recycling in Napier and Hastings is all part of a trial for the Rebound project which 3R Group aims to roll out across New Zealand.

“We’ve been working closely with mattress manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders to develop a stewardship programme to divert these old mattresses away from landfill to recycling. It’s all part of our work to help businesses and industries take responsibility for their products at the end of their useful life,” says Ms Clare. “We’re delighted to see Big Save Furniture taking a leadership role in this by helping with the trial.”

Big Save director Lily Salter

Lily Salter

Hawke’s Bay-based Big Save Furniture is one of the largest retailers of beds and mattresses in New Zealand.

Director Lily Salter says they are really excited to be part of Rebound Mattress Recycling: “This programme is the first of its type in New Zealand. With everyone being more and more conscious of our environment we think our customers will embrace this programme and help us recycle as many mattresses as we can in May.”

So, if you’re buying a mattress or base this May, go to Big Save Furniture and you’ll get an extra good night’s sleep on that new mattress, knowing that your old mattress isn’t wasting away in landfill but being recycled instead!

Don’t delay – our recycling trial with Big Save Furniture has been extended until end of June 2017!