It is inspiring to read the recently released Annual Report for the Bye Bye Mattress recycling programme in Connecticut, USA.byebyemattressii

In just their first year, they achieved a recycling rate of approximately 66%!

While it is mandatory for manufacturers to contribute to this product stewardship programme, compared to the proposed voluntary scheme in New Zealand, it is fantastic to see it working effectively.  And, that when the option for recycling is available, people will use it.

This reinforces what we already know from our experiences managing Agrecovery Rural Recycling, Resene PaintWise, Dulux Paint and Packaging Take Back, and SeatSmart Child Car Seat Recycling.  You can lead a horse to water, and you can get it to drink!

Here are some other facts and figures from Bye Bye Mattress to inspire us all:

  • Recycled 150,000 mattresses. If these mattresses were laid end to end, they would span the state of Connecticut and then some – that’s more than 100 miles!
  • Recovered more than 2,800 tons of steel, foam and other materials that will be made into new useful products. That’s equivalent to 400 elephants.
  • Expanded the collection network to 101 free drop-off sites. More than 2.3 million residents across Connecticut have easy access to the Bye Bye Mattress collection site network.

If you want to be part of a New Zealand solution for mattresses in whatever capacity, get in touch!