Another mattress recycling business achieving success from what would otherwise be waste, this time in Vancouver, Canada.

“Every time we as a society ban a material from landfills, not only are we saving the resources and reusing them, but we’re also creating many jobs,” says Fabio Scaldaferri, CEO and cofounder of Mattress Recycling, Vancouver.

Mattresses are large, heavy and full of reusable material. Before Scaldaferri’s business began operations, many were ending up in Vancouver’s landfills, where they can damage landfill equipment. Others wound up dumped in alleys, side streets or wooded areas.

Where others saw old furniture, Scaldaferri saw opportunity.

“I had never thought of it before,” said Scaldaferri, “and there seemed to be a lot of possibilities in recycling the content in a mattress.”

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Pictured: Fabio Scaldaferri