The NZ Mattress Project

Why Rebound?

The current linear economy with our ‘take, make, waste’ attitude is unsustainable.  We need to develop a circular economy where the lifecycle of materials is maximised, their use is optimised and at the end of life all materials are reutilised.

Not only do mattresses contain many useful materials but sending them to landfill causes multiple issues for the landfill operator.  Most of all sending mattresses to landfill is simply a waste of resources that our planet can no longer sustain.

Finding a solution

The Rebound project was initiated by 3R Group Ltd following discussions with mattress manufacturers and observations of international developments in mattress stewardship and recycling.

Based on 3R’s experience designing and delivering stewardship and waste-to-resource programmes, they believe there can be a better environmental outcome for mattress materials.

In February 2015, 3R began working with industry stakeholders with the view to create a nationwide product stewardship scheme for mattresses. This included dismantling trials and collection trials in 2016, as well as a retailer in-store collection trial with Big Save Furniture in 2017.

Funding for the project was provided by Auckland Council’s Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund, along with contributions from the project participants and the Waste Minimisation Fund (administered by the Ministry for the Environment).


The project milestones were:

Milestone 1: Establish project team.

Milestone 2: Investigation into current situation for disposal of mattresses in New Zealand and internationally.

Milestone 3: Mattress collection, dismantling and recycling trial including testing for brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and confirming potential markets for recovered materials.

Milestone 4: Identify stewardship programme design options and an industry preferred approach.

Milestone 5: Develop a business plan and financial model for an ongoing programme.


Project Phase Partners

These organisations were involved in the initial project stages of developing a product stewardship programme for mattresses.


Be part of the solution

3R continues to work towards a nationwide stewardship scheme and welcomes interest from manufacturers, distributors, retailers and councils.

What’s involved?

Partners will help fund the programme and will have an important role in promoting the programme to customers.  You can also be nominated to be part of the Advisory Group which will provide advice and guidance to programme managers, 3R Group, to ensure the programme is delivered against the agreed aims.

Play your part

The benefits for your organisation are so much more than just environmental:

  • Help provide work for local communities
  • Improve your brand reputation
  • Increase your product sustainability
  • Contribute to the development of a circular economy
  • Improve your corporate social responsibility
  • Support a cleaner greener New Zealand

Want to know more?

Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer or council looking to provide a recycling solution for your customers or residents, or you’re a processor, recycler or dismantler we’d love to hear from you.


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